Claudia Dengler

Leadership Imagination Action


Leadership and executive roles at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, the Greater Boston YMCA and Massachusetts Half-Way Houses, Inc., have inspired my consulting practice.  My history in an executive role informs an approach to consulting that is strategic and designed to help Funders, Boards and Executives make decisions.  During the span of my career, I have served in nearly every role:  Board member, executive, program designer and manager and fundraiser.  I believe that organizations can be more successful when they have a bolder vision, a sharper strategy,  a clearer plan, a tighter financial plan and ambitious outcomes and the data to inform and inspire others.

The core of my service:

  1. Strategy-driven business planning
  2. Quality improvement
  3. Restructuring
  4. Improving executive impact on critical business objectives

Having served in leadership during times of tremendous growth and in 3 previous economic downturns, makes me a good match for organizations that need a seasoned executive to get through crisis, turn around, ramping up of new services, mergers and yes, even going out of business.

I have a solid working knowledge of program design, best practices, evaluation, human resource and financial management.   I have developed and managed services in the following arenas.

  • Capacity Building: management support services including consulting, training, publishing, and leadership development
  • Children’s Mental Health: outpatient & residential 
  • Child Care: home and center-based
  • Civic Engagement: through new philanthropic models
  • Community Services to the Elderly: home care, adult day, meals on wheels, homemaker
  • Corrections: halfway houses and re-entry services 
  • Education Reform: instructional reforms, family services and establishing neighborhood schools as a hub of community life
  • Employment Services: especially those focused on the people who are the hardest to engage and retain in the workforce
  • Housing: affordable, permanent housing for single adults, families and the elderly
  • Juvenile Justice: community-based treatment and evidence-based practices
  • School-based Services: especially those services and programs serving children with behavioral issues 
  • Youth Development: Community-based services in very low-income neighborhoods

When an organization needs to get better results while reducing costs they’ll want a consultant who can:

  • Addresses current challenges by harnessing the organizations strengths
  • Knows and uses best practices
  • Invigorates and engages board members, staff and donors
  • Creates a clear strategy-driven, bottom-line operating plan for the future

I also serve on the Board of Directors and the development committee for the Citizens League and am an enthusiastic participant in one of the nation’s leading non-partisan, citizen-driven, policy development, membership organizations.  I Chair their Development Committee and serve on the Finance Committee.  I also serve on the Board of GTS. GTS is a designer and host of educational events and services for the public and nonprofit sector.  And of course, like sensible people everywhere, I am a member of AAA.